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    Today is a bit blowy to say the least. 73mph winds, wheelie bins rolling down the street and wind powered pushchairs. It is a day for waiting indoors, keeping warm, and camping out in the lounge while the last few leaves fly away till Spring.


    So today my to do list looks like this:

    ~ tidy kitchen

    ~washing in machine

    ~ do dishwasher

    ~ pop out for satsumas and coffee

    ~ build camp and read stories

    ~ make peppermint creams

    ~ make popcorn

    ~ drink hot chocolate

    It is now just after lunch and I have succeeded in doing the last 5! We were blown to pieces on a frantic 20 mins dash to the shops- where Little M hid under her blanket in the pushchair giggling at the wind!

    So while my exhausted 2 year old now has a nap to recover from her popcorn-peppermint-hotchocolate-camping experience I can do the boring bits! I love how being forced to stay in and embracing the inevitable weather restrictions can sometimes be quite fun. It just so happens the sun is starting to peak through the clouds. The grey is turning to blue. The whistling down the chimney through the vent in the log burner tells me it is still very much alive out there but the light is changing and the sun appearing. A few more hours and the rain will begin ( so the weather man says) but in this break between weather fronts, there is a pause, a place for the trees to catch their breath. I am more than happy to watch from the window and let the wind blow away the cobwebs and for the sun to warm up the walls of my home, while I come out of hibernation to tidy and clean. The rain can then wash away all the debris the wind has brought out to play on the street, and we can once again retreat with Topsy and Tim back into the cosy den!



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