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    “Dop it, dop it”, commands my nearly 2 year old from her pushchair throne. “Naughty, dop it….oooo big one!”

    She delights in her ability to shout over the passing traffic and have the words to say exactly what she is thinking for a change. She is not talking to me, her sister, a passing dog or even the toy rabbit she is clutching to her body. She is speaking to the wind. As we walk home from school she is leant forward in her chariot as I am propelled along the road by strong gusts of wind. Her tufty hair flying around her face, her right arm outstretched trying to appeal to the wind’s kinder side. It is completely acceptable to her that she can tell the wind to stop exactly like she tells Daddy to stop when he starts singing twinkle twinkle. She has no concept that the wind is a force of nature. She believes it can hear her, that it will listen to her. She believes her tiny voice can reach its core and that her hand is signal enough for it to stop being naughty. Remind you of anyone???

    I learn from my children everyday. They make me see life from a much simpler perspective. A viewpoint unhindered by disappointment or mundane reality, instead a world full of potential and possibilities beyond natural laws and common sense shape their understanding. This is the place that I want to live out of. May impossibilities become possible, may I walk with a conviction that I can command the ‘unreachable winds’ over my lifeĀ  to stop, to have the authority to bring about surprising change to the places I go and the people I meet.


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