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    I love this image…’Weaving’ is an active verb. It conjures up the image of a person hard at work, crafting away. Taking strands and threading them in and out, the warp and the weft holding it all together, the shuttle coming down to secure and tighten the fabric.  The fingers nimbly feeling their way around the newly created mesh, evening out the bumps and loops and pulling the threads taut. In my mind to become a ‘weaver of hope and expectation’ suggests that we become diligent workers, paying attention to the warp and weft of our lives. We come to understand the different currents around us, at work, in relationships and conversations. We understand the core values and the strands that hold our own lives together, but also those of the people we love and spend time with. Out of love we then can work the thread of hope and the thread of expectation into both our own, and their stories; raising faith, releasing possibility, giving strength and security.

    This is the theme of our Church gatherings over the next few months. The phrase got me thinking and when planning the worship time for a recent Sunday meeting I thought this might make a good centre piece for our collective worship. So I set my husband to work, sawing and sanding, nailing and drilling. As I finished off threading the string I wondered if I had made the frame big enough.Surely our collective story is huge? So this  is something I hope that can be added to and developed over the coming weeks to record our journey together. We started last Sunday by simply weaving threads of praise and thanksgiving. After all a thankful heart is at the centre of worship and is what overflows into our lives. An attitude of gratitude can only raise levels of hope and expectation in others. I hope we can weave into the mesh, people, places, situations, dates and dreams. As we offer them up to God, he is the shuttle that comes down and solidifies and ties together our efforts.

    I especially love some of the toddlers’ contributions of scribble writing!!

    loom1   loom2   loom3   loom4

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