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    A few ideas for parents, dog owners and commuters…

    Getting out and about this Summer holiday has been a priority. Not only to make the most of the beautiful sunshine and longer evenings but also for my own sanity! Last week we went out for a little walk round our little town. Our standard trek up to visit the ponies via a little footpath and then a walk down a lane to find Main street and the refuge of Cielo* for a toilet stop, and refreshments. Something we have done many a time. This time though we took the camera to try and see if we could spot something new along this well trodden track of ours. Job of chief photographer was given to my eldest and she clicked away or instructed me in taking photos of her and her sister climbing trees and doing silly poses. I have selected some of the best below. Some things she took photos of I had not even spotted, or would not consider photo-worthy. She has an eye for the details and while I was on dog poo alert and distracted by an escapee 2 year old she found real beauty in some unexpected places… ( click to enlarge)

    walk11    walk10    walk8   

    walk7    walk4    walk3   

    walk2    walk1    walk6
    Maybe next time you need to exercise the kids, go on your daily dog walk route, walk or train to work, take a camera or notebook and keep your eyes peeled for new treasures along the way. We need to learn to do this and have this skill otherwise we can lose perspective and forget those bigger dreams-beyond the mundane everyday necessities of life. Our journey with Jesus too can often be very repetitive and unavoidably familiar but with added awareness we may be able to seek out the special hidden truths and moments in those spaces as well. Opening our eyes to the world around us does let Jesus in.


    *Cielo- a local coffee house run by two amazing friends who love Jesus, people and good coffee!

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