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    So tomorrow February 14th is upon us again. A day we don’t really make much of a fuss about in this house; an exchange of cards is the most extravagant we get but, put it down to post-natal hormones (I’m even crying at the boat scene on Tangled!) I’m feeling the love this Valentines.

    My girls have been so good with coping with the arrival of their new brother a surprise breakfast is waiting for them when they come down in the morning, cards, balloons, lollipops and hugs a plenty are hiding in the dark kitchen ready for the big reveal at 7am. Gestures that nurture our love are so vital in making that heart connection with our littles. It also helps demonstrate how God loves them and wants to shower them with gifts too.

    In my mind this breakfast will be with happy, jolly children who’ve had a good nights sleep. We get up in time to not rush about making pack lunch and hunting for matching socks.¬† They eat their breakfast without feeding the floor, without tears, shouts of ‘hurry up’ and sitting-in-pushchair stand offs will be unnecessary. I’m sure the reality won’t be so rosy but knowing my girls they will definitely smile at the surprise.

    As a special touch and to attempt to encourage them to share the love, I have attached tags to the balloons. We are going to let the balloons free to float away into the breezy morning air. My prayer is that they will find their way on the wind  to someone who needs to cheering up Рa nice shiny red heart balloon to brighten up their day. Knowing my luck they will get stuck in next doors giant tree!

    If you have found one of our balloons, and the tag is still in tact directing you to read this then I hope you feel encouraged and if nothing else it has brought a smile to your face this Valentines Day.



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