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    Sunday afternoon arrived.  My lovely husband had taken the girls off for an hour or so, bribing them with a promise of  a trip to the park if they help him take some junk to the tip first. This left me with a little bit of time to potter and regain some mental strength to take me through this next week. When I finally have time to myself, I’m often at a lost at to what to do!I have many a started project dotted around my house in work bags, sewing boxes and folders, let alone all the items on my personal pinterest boards of yummy and pretty things to make. The need for sleep often prevents me from moving along with these projects in an an evening and daytime space is rare… but yesterday I had some time to do something for me – the responsibility of the following hour – of making the most of the time – loomed large!

    crochetTo Make:

    crochet granny squares

    vintage button quilt

    fabric letter pillows

    homemade t-shirts

    pinafores for my girls

    flowerbed planting plans

    and my biggest nemesis… some embroidered words

    DSC_8397   DSC_8398   DSC_8401   DSC_8403

    I have been embroidering a phrase of text for a long time. It think it is potentially nearly 2  years since I began this and here is hoping than now I am blogging about it I will feel compelled to finish it! It is a beautiful line of words that I hope will adorn the wall of my daughters bedroom or sit over their bedroom door on the landing when finished. I want them to KNOW this in their hearts. It not only speaks of the potential they have inside them, but the possibilities opening up before them as they embark on their journey with Jesus. It is also a promise that as parents we will allow them to be them; to dream their own dreams not place an identity upon them. That we will nurture those dreams as if our own and be custodians of their future while they sleep… oh and above all else believe in them.

    I dug out my sewing tin, and sat down with a hot cup of tea, homemade oatmeal and coconut biscuit.

    If you like this phrase and enjoy a bit of embroidery. Why not print this text out and simply tiny chain stitch it into an embroidery hoop. Give to your child, grandchild, niece, nephew… let them know you believe in them x

    dream copy





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