My girls are growing up so fast and I don’t want to miss a thing, I don’t want to forget all the minute details of their first few years.  So many jobs on my to do list feature some kind of memory making- like putting photo albums together, writing down the first words of my children so I won’t forget them and remembering to take the camera out on walks to record those funny little moments. Time seems to be passing quicker than I can record it! Sound familiar?

    So my intention was to do this task week 1 of 2013 but here we are in  week 6 . Taking a trip back in time to Boxing day when I was catching up with a friend. She asked what my favourite Christmas present was and I had to stop and think before answering, gabbling away that I had got stuff , really I had. We were discussing in our small group just before Christmas what our highlights of 2012 were and after stating the obvious events my mind went blank. To be honest we were all a bit stumped with creative answers. Holidays, birthdays, and the Olympics featured in most responses but we all had forgotten the tiny little moments that make the year special and different to the previous year.

    Last Years Tree:

    thankfultree  ttree2  ttree3  ttress

    I wrote a guest blog post for ‘The Longroom’ last year which you can read HERE

    This weekend we have put up our tree…our Thankful Tree. Last year we adopted this ritual and it has really helped to remind us of all that is good in our life. It took pride of place on our dining table, but this years creation is positioned on the mantle piece. Tree is a grand word- it’s essentially some branches in a jar onto which are hung tags and messages of thanks. It looks fantastic as the memory leaves are added and costs nothing. A beautiful centre piece that is commented on by visitors and friends; who last year even added their own tags to our tree. As well as leaves we are going to tie ribbons on the tree when we celebrate receiving answers to prayers. At the end of this year I hope that we will collect all our leaves and ribbons up and as 2014 dawns share these memories again, rekindling the smells, sounds and sights of 2013.

    tree4      2014tree       tree3

    As the tree stands empty I pray that the year ahead blossoms into a journey full of surprises and adventure, and we will see and do things that we can’t even imagine right now. Why not take a walk in the woods this week, collect some branches and put them in a vase. Rituals are special moments that bring us together and cause us to experience life, and God more deeply and fully. They have a sense of gravity about them, allowing us to grow roots deep and strong. If you make one send me a picture and I can make a collection of our twiggy offerings!!

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