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    We’re having a busy Easter holiday here. It’s been a week to just go with the flow and get stuck into family visits, playground trips, having friends for tea and celebrating birthdays. The house is chaos and I feel exhausted but everyone is happy and it’s so lovely to have proper time with my girls together. I can say that it’s been a week to try and live the dream with little time to document along the way…

    However in all this craziness and excitement it was lovely to receive a few special things in the post. One beautiful package was a couple of prints by a very talented friend who I have met through writing this blog. Hannah Haigh of Home Truths found me through twitter and it has been such an encouragement to connect with some one else pursuing a similar vision in their home and family. I want to spread her Home Truth message especially because painting the walls of my home in words of truth is something I love to do {read Eat The Word} . Her very honest, hand drawn scripts are full of colour and life. Do check her out on Etsy and visit her Blog.

    home truth    home truth

    There is something special about getting things in the post.I have had an American pen pal since I was 10. Sending my thoughts off bobbing into unknown Royal Mail waters, hoping she will receive my words intact adds an extra dimension to the process of communication. Someone who was a complete stranger 20 years ago is now a good friend, we have met 3 times, been to each others weddings and I hope our children will continue the pen pal experience. Though we write less now we are still in touch and it means a lot to have that special connection across the years and air miles. Having something special plop onto the doormat, other than another bill or charity clothes bag is a lovely surprise and always cheers me up. It goes back to the whole thing of valuing others. To know someone has thought of you, spent the time and effort putting something together especially for you and popped it in the post is very heartwarming in this world of text and email. My sister and I have got the kids sending each other little packages in the post. Helping the cousins keep in touch despite the miles between them. It is helping them to understand that giving is just as exciting as receiving and making others feel special makes them happy too.

    The second parcel we got in the post was from my parents {who live a good 4 hours away} They had sent a card with some sunflower seeds. The girls have been very excited and we had great fun planting them out along with some other seeds I had collected. There is now a 3 way seed growing competition between Surrey, Rutland and Yorkshire as to who can grow the tallest sunflower. This is long distance family time at it’s best.

    I am writing this  at the kitchen table while my 4 year old is making up packages of pictures and scrap cuttings to send to people in the post. I just asked her why she wants to send things in the post, her reply…

    “Cos it’s fun and exciting to see people happy and give them things they like. It is like being Santa and treating them, but we don’t have to go down the chimney- the postman wears red and pretends to be Santa instead!”

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