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    Sunshine has been missing in my life these past few months. Winter has dragged and we have been feeling woeful and gloomy, energy-less and being full of dreams and ambition seems too much like hard work. As soon as the sun comes out all that blue fades away and suddenly we loose 10 years, gain fresh enthusiasm for DIY and problems don’t seem to loom so large in our life. I wrote this yesterday evening but today the Sun doesn’t seem to want to come out to play! Good old English weather!I love being outdoors and have pretty much spent the last 2 days playing in the garden with my ‘Bam Bam’ ; digging up the seeds I have only just planted, watering the grass with juice and feeding the rabbits dubious looking crumbs from the pushchair ( namely cheerios and raisins). She loves it and it has unleashed her inner wild! Its simply amazing how some light and heat can change everything; propelling us into the  next phase of the year.  Today it is particularly blustery with big gusts of wind sending wheelie bins rolling down the road. These two elements go hand in hand; sunlight and blustery days are a perfect combination. The job of Spring: to invigorate our lives. The wind comes to blow off the bleakness of winter and the sun to thaw our spirit.   If the sun is where you are, or as soon as it does appear in the sky overhead I implore you to find it – make some excuses from your work. Why not take an extra long loo break, walk the dog or just stand on the front doorstep. Stand and take a minute to soak up some light and heat. Let the sun and wind do their spring cleaning  job; show up the dust and blow it off again leaving you feeling ready to attack tomorrow.




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