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    Three days of lone parenting, outnumbered parent – child ratio school runs, toddler tantrums, taxi runs to countless clubs. These kids have a better social life than me!

    I’ve done baking, painting, drawing, consoling, story reading, train track playing, tractor spotting and homework helping. Is it only Wednesday, surely it’s the weekend by now!

    But, my bath is running, our precious bundles finally in bed. Ash has returned. All is well with my soul. Full to overflowing. The warm air irresistibly bubbly. I’m barely in when I hear chatter through the adjoining wall:

    “ Mummy…Mummy… you have bathtimes?”

    “Yes Bear, you go to sleep now”

    “Mummy…Mummy I come play?”


    I felt a stir of annoyance- This is my space, my time, I have expensive lotions and luxurious creams here ready to soothe tired mummy hearts and minds. Yet I knew this was a moment never to return. I felt a nudge to embrace the sugar infused enthusiasm of my sleepless boy.


    Calling him in he proceeded to clap happy bubble clouds like rain all over the bathroom.


    Often I find my children demonstrate the childlike self I need to be when approaching our heavenly Father, however that night I felt that Berkley was showing me the childlike nature  of Our Father himself. Because after all he was a 2 ½ year old boy once. And surely God is as much innocence as He is maturity. And Let’s face it; every Dad is a child at heart!

    He is whole hearted Joy – wanting to break into my little pamper cave of peace – my escape which I intended to be for me, do not enter.  The laughter and joy Berkley snowballed into that space was so much more refreshing and invigorating and smile inducing than any potion Body Shop could conjure up.


    Let us not forget Our Father wants us to look to being with Him when we need a bit of re energising. His joy filled presence is the source of all refreshment. If you’ve always been a bit sceptical or confused by the term ‘soaking in His presence’ – maybe this gives you fresh perspective. Look to ‘soaking’ in His Joyfulness to find true rest and healing this week.

    “A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing.”

    Proverbs 17 v22


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