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    So every Friday I am going to give you a 5 minute worship idea to do as part of your quiet time, family worship or at some point during your day. Maybe take 5 while eating your lunch in the car, or while the baby has a nap. Wherever, whenever if we put time aside Jesus joins us! Today I invite you to let your toes see the sunshine…

    My 20 month old has discovered the freedom of taking her socks on and off and discarding them around the house. I have found socks down behind the fridge, socks in the freezer and socks tucked in other socks.

    toesThe most frustrating thing is that I have a pile of about 15 single socks sitting on the sideboard waiting to be reunited with their partner. My little girl however is simply enjoying experiencing her tiny world through her feet. The freedom and independence simply taking her own socks off gives her seems to encourage a more joyful (and tickly!)  attitude. It seems everything without socks on is more funny! She has started to take her shoes and socks off upon arrival to any indoor location. She even decided to undress her pretty pink piggies at a church where we were visitors at last weekend. She carefully stuffed her socks in my handbag and announced rather too loudly ; “no like it socks…pooey…off!”

    Her carefree ability to cast aside the comfort of her socks, walk barefoot, and consequently have a richer experience of her environment really got  me thinking.

    Do I do this enough? Do I leave those things which I need as comfort, warmth, protection by the door and take the risk of fully immersing myself in situations, friendships and ultimately my friendship with Jesus? More so, do I recognise that in leaving my shoes and socks at the front door I acknowledge the presence of  Jesus in my home. After all Holy Ground is not limited to grand cathedrals and sanctums, our homes are sanctuarys too and mine is most certainly one where Jesus is a welcome inhabitant. The promise of his presence is to be with us always. Do I need to ‘ take my socks off ‘ so I can be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit vibrations in my daily routine? I must surely need to sometimes embrace a more joyful, carefree attitude to life not so worried about where I am stepping.

    I’m writing this post in a chilly, silent house, slipper-less and sock-less. Worship does not have to be a stationary activity- if anything it is about demonstrating our love for Jesus through adoration, proclamation and action. For me it is sometimes about where I walk, where I tread, and realising that I bring a safety, warmth, comfort and richer reality with me for others to encounter. I take off  my socks for this is holy ground, as a symbol that my feet bring good news and where I go He comes with me and where He goes I follow.

    Find somewhere today where you can take your shoes off, maybe even your socks. Just to put yourself in this posture of vulnerable worship, acknowledging the presence of Jesus wherever you are. Wiggle your toes under your desk, under the dining table, or take a chilly walk round the garden barefoot! Consider the questions I asked myself above and ask yourself are you expectant  for the presence of Jesus to exist in every sphere of your life? You could even encourage your little ones to thank Jesus for their feet, do some feet painting or read the story of Moses and the burning bush. For crafty fun feet ideas see my Pinterest board for Little Ones.

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