We are going to be busy busy in our house this weekend. printing, cutting, making, drawing, and collecting all ready for an evening of alternative worship on Sunday. I love the surge of creativity that comes when planning an event, a combination of a looming deadline and grand plans add to the pressure. This will be the fourth gathering Ashley and I will have ‘curated’. And our theme is ‘The Potters House’

    Worship Curation is a term I have been reading about recently and it’s an approach that I think really lends itself to a more creative, experiential type of worship. A space planned and prepared for people to engage with. Not necessarily lead through from the front but a more liquid journey where people can move around the space and engage at multiple levels; much like an art installation or museum piece- but with the added dimension of spiritual encounter and interaction.

    So if you attend Dayspring Church, Garforth or live in the near vicinity do come along this Sunday evening 7:15-9:00 at the Welfare Hall, Garforth.

    You will have time to soak in God’s presence, go on a mystical journey, get your hands messy and share communion.  We would love to see you. I will do a series of posts next week that breakdown the event so you can see what we got up to!

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