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    Tears stream down my daughters face. She is gulping, trying to hold back her sadness but an exhausting weekend away makes her emotions more powerful than her will. You would be forgiven for thinking something awful has happened but she is simply mourning the fact that we have left her ‘Pens’ at Nannas House (  again ).Her bedtime routine is very particular and it includes a daily reading from a little kids bible magazine. After stories, we read through the days episode, bible verse, question and prayer. It’s called Pens because the characters are all different types of writing implement- her favourite, of course, is the all pink and sparkling ‘Gloria Glitter pen’. It is a very sweet 30 day bible reading notes for preschoolers and something which my sister showed me and in turn I think some of you out there would enjoy using it to. It looks at different topics and some bible characters that help explain the concept. My little girl is very attached to it and it helps to explain how her friendship with Jesus really matters in this big world. It is a precious moment of family worship time in our house. I recommend it and best of all you can find most issues on Amazon.

    Even I appreciate the 5 minute discipline of study every night. Sometimes it is my ‘quiet time’ too and as I read the prayer I pray it for myself as much as her. The discipline of studying Gods word is still one I find hard, and always on my ‘could do better’ list. If she learns to love it and find it a key part of her faith by starting with this little ritual now then she will be miles ahead of me in no time!  She does not find it a chore in the slightest and it is definitely not something we push but is read upon request. It is a necessary part of her day and without it she is lost- a lesson I need to heed.

    There are so many good books out there that bring Jesus to life so here are some more recommended reading  for you and your littles…

    bibledetcraft2   stories colouring book


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