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    Pinterest has oodles of inspiration for getting creative and it is easy to adapt lots of ideas to give them a Jesus focus.  This is a simple make that can transform praying,it will really help to prompt you to throw up those little prayers throughout the day. My kids love these but with or without children in our homes- we could all do with more opportunity to pray!pinterest


    The spirit of flotsam and Jetsam is to use what we have and what we can find and not to spend a fortune. So adapt the materials list according to what you have at home.

    You will need

    an old jam jar/storage jar

    a selection of lolly sticks. If you don’t have craft lolly sticks in your stash you could also use: strips of fairly thick card or even skewers with a disc of card stuck to the top. If you’re wondering what to do with sticks your child has collected on a nature walk then why not label these up and use them.

    Pens/stickers/photos depending on your detail and prayer topics.

    sticksEssentially you are making a collection of sticks that have things written on that you can pray for. Our sticks have simply the names of family members written on them. A lovely touch would be to stick a photo on the end of the stick. We keep our sticks in a visible place easy for the girls to reach. Already my 20 month old will ask for ‘Jesus sticks’. She will choose one, I will read her the name and she will say with a huge grin; ” Thanks Jesus, Amen”, and then reach for another! You could even have a jar on your desk at work or in your drawer to be a constant reminder to pray.

    You don’t have to stop at praying for family, you could pray for famous christians, world leaders, people you know who are poorly, situations across the world, missionaries, countries, or items in the news. The sticks simply create an ever present reminder of the ‘need to pray at all times.’



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