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    Mmmm… so outworking this worship lifestyle thing is proving interesting during the potty training of a 2 year old. We have just gone cold turkey as she has been showing the signs of wanting to do things herself. So one week in we have had about equal accidents to ‘on target’ performances. Week one has been good old sticker charts, inward screams from me at yet another puddle to wipe up and crazy dances from the girls when a successful mission to the potty has been made. We have been waddling, mopping, washing, weeing at bus stops, producing pottys on Main Street and dancing ‘nudey rudey’ round the garden…( the girls, not me!)

    So the question still remains- if Jesus is always with us, where can I find him during this process. It is after all a very all consuming process. My ‘wee antenna’ are on full alert for suspect jiggling and hopping. I have little capacity to hold down a conversation and it is safer to just stay at home.

    God must often have this parent child situation with us. Constantly reminding us, picking us up, putting us back on ‘the potty’ for us to only forget next time and make a bit of a mess for him to tidy up. However I find his focus is only ever on the times I get things right. He delights when I make right choices and decisions. He does not punish me when I get things wrong but gently corrects and gives me another chance to regain his confidence and trust. Countless times I have failed my promises to him but he is slow to anger and rich in love, so with His forgiveness comes another chance.

    My aims are therefore to:

    1- Revel in the small successes as they are big for my little girl.

    2- Have the attitude that each wee ‘off target’ means we are closer to getting an ‘on target’ result- after all she will get it eventually.

    happy jar3- The excitement of stickers has worn off so week two has begun with a happy heart jar. I was simply rewarding her for using the potty and ignoring her accidents. She wasn’t quite getting the difference. Now instead, each time she ‘goes’ in the right place she gets a warm fuzzy. However each time she has an ‘accident’ I gently remove a fuzzy – no shouting or roll of the eyes. I don’t throw it away she simply gets another chance to get it back when she manages to use the potty again. This may sound harsh but she understood and instantly toddled off to the potty to get her first fuzzy.


    In my actions, response and self control in this situation I can honor Jesus. I can demonstrate and mirror how her Heavenly Dad responds to her choices too. A win win. Now to go and buy more carpet cleaner and cute mini knickers!



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