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    This thoughtful statement discovered by my sister this last week is shared in her latest blog post. She blogs about life, and family, kiddie makes and messes. I recently made for her lovely cheeky monkey children one of my reward boards and she has written some very kind words and thoughts around the subject. I am so excited that so many of you have taken this idea into the chaos of your homes and are finding it useful- adults included! I am busy sanding and painting and as I do so I pray that the rewards of my effort are reaped in the hearts of your children.

    “It strikes me that very often, in the midst of day to day stresses of household management and small child juggling, I parent in a short-term kind of way. Let me try to explain what I mean. It is very easy, in the middle of battles about nappies/tomatoes/teasing/indoor voices/sharing/tantrums to forget about the long term picture of who my children are growing into, the kind of children we are encouraging them to be, for example – it’s sometimes much easier to snap at the squabbling and bark at the squabblers rather than take that couple of extra minutes to engage and explain about being kind with our words, even if everyone is only half dressed and we’ve lost a shoe, and suddenly there’s a poo emergency when we already need to be walking out of the door to school. Don’t get me wrong – short-term things need to happen in order for tea to be made, children to be fully and appropriately clothed (middle child currently insisting on cycle helmets everywhere), jobs to be done and money to be earnt. But sometimes I just forget to remind myself what we are ultimately aiming for! – that’s where this handy reward board comes in.Whilst we still go crazy for stickers in this house, this particular reward board reminds us about who we are growing into – kids and adults alike.”
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