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    Yesterday morning we woke up to a white world. The branches bejeweled with tiny crystals and a misty haze hovering over the ground. Frosty mornings are crisp and clear and I marveled at how this dusting of ice made everything look beautiful in the still morning air. Even the wheelie bin and it’s cobwebs looked delicate. The iron gates with extra ornamentation, embellished by natures own geometry. I simply had to go out (a cold and grumpy toddler in tow) with the camera and record these fleeting moments of beauty. As a trained garden designer I love outdoor spaces, plants and nature. It is outside that I hear God whisper to me the most. Seeing the bulbs poking out of  the hard ground I was reminded that many plants need the frost to trigger their growing season, and the same is so in my life. The spring is valued so much more because of the bleakness of winter, yet even in the midst of the cold there are moments of beauty, we are not to despair and lose hope, they remind us that there is a better season on its way. The frost kills off the remains of winter and when it thaws new shoots can be seen. I often have ‘cold spells’ , but I know that; ‘though trouble may last for a night joy will come in the morning’. While the frost still lingers today get outside and walk down your street. What do you see, what do you feel. Let the frost cleanse your spirit too x

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