As my two intrepid explorers set out into the woods a few weeks ago I tasked them to find ‘interesting twigs’. February is not a bountiful month for obvious flora and fauna in Roundhay Park and so a more abstract approach was needed; no butterflies to count, ladybugs to find, rainbow coloured leaves to collect. So twigs it was and they scampered off scanning the dented footpath for dry, cleanish, stand-out sticks. My father and mother were also with us and in true ‘Bowen’ {1} spirit embraced the task at hand and deliberated over each offering the girls waved in our faces. Whittling the selection down to just the best twigs.

    This project was organic and as of yet I had no idea what we we were going to do with yet another collection of ‘bits’ brought back off a walk. The girls had so lovingly chosen them I couldn’t face throwing them away and yet I didn’t want another pile of found bits and bobs sitting on the kitchen side. Painting them seemed like the next step… where they could live would be dealt with later.  The next day we sat down around the kitchen table with an array of acrylics and brushes, three generations carefully embellishing each stick with patterns, and colours.  Three weeks on I have finally got around to displaying them and the result is surprisingly good. I found an old picture frame in the wardrobe, removed the broken glass, painted it and strung the sticks using fishing wire within the frame. It now hangs pride of place on our stairs. The girls are very proud!

    TWIGS2We are a family that loves adventures. Out and about is where I love to be, whatever the weather! I hope my children grow up to love the big outdoors as well. I’m trying to teach them to see the detail in their surroundings, the beauty and design in the natural world and appreciate all types of weather, all kinds of places, and all the seasons for the special secrets they each have to reveal to those daring enough to explore. Treasure hunting, nature hunting, beach combing, pond dipping, hide and seek, eye spy are all games which encourage a closer inspection and appreciation of the handmade, designed world around us. I hope helping my girls discover these details will point them in the direction of  the ultimate treasure hunter, hide and seeker, and supreme designer.

    TWIGS 3   

    {1} A Bowen (my maiden name) particularly enjoys wet, windy, circular walks. I was brought up in a car-less family, where walking in all weathers was part of the course. Wellies were our trusty companions, and we would summer holiday in the stifling hot 12 deg Orkney Islands! I can’t cope if I don’t go out for a fresh air adventure everyday. This is a family trait my husband has had to endure and now,I hope, learn’t to enjoy!

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