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    We have been spending the last few Monday nights doing a parenting course by Danny Silk from Bethel Church , Redding CA. It has raised good discussion amongst our group and highlighted different issues for each of us.  Ultimately it has left me feeling excited at how I can bring out the best in my girls. For once it was a course that did not focus on punishment or how to ‘contain’ your child in a very top down authoritarian role, and not even on how to avoid punishment, but simply gave some pointers on how to guide and correct our little girls by empowering and motivating them to make good choices in the first place. Through certain methods and ideas it gets them to make their own decisions and accept the consequences with you holding their hand. It encourages freedom within the control and safety of your love as a parent. No doubt once we have a handle on the current dynamics everything will change again and we go back to the tool bag and try something different! No doubt we will come across some frustrations and resistance but our desire and motivation is to stay connected with them. Keeping that heart to heart connection safe and over time getting them to understand they have a responsibility to look after that connection too, is a key part of the teaching.

    The stand out session for me was one using some ‘love&logic’ material about understanding the love language of your child. As corny as it sounds it makes loads of sense and really helps to try and put a description to the way in which children give and receive love. Both my girls are proving to be very different recipes of us and require us to adapt our style, and language to reach both of them where they are at. But also they demonstrate their love to us in very different ways and we must learn to ‘read’ these signal and signs in the correct manner and intention with which they are given.Worth reading if you get a chance…{love&logic} / {loving your kids on purpose} There is so much to unpack and chew over but well worth getting the book or doing the course with friends if you want to go a bit deeper.

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    Sometimes we can get so bogged down in responding to immediate behaviours we never go beyond and discover what is the underlying goal of what we are trying to achieve. There is so much I want for my girls, so much I want to show and share with them. Our heart is to prepare our girls for the ultimate choice they are going to make in their lives. One which they may make over time or maybe in a split second moment but either way our prayer is that at the end of it all they choose Jesus. Whatever comes our way they will always know they are loved, accepted and wanted no matter what.


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