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    My name is Mummy. The fact I have a real name astounds my girls. They love hearing stories about when I was a little girl and find it funny to think that their grandma is my mummy. It is only now, as I raise my own family do I truly appreciate my parents. I am who I am because of them. Their choices shaped my future and now I can see what my Mum meant when she said; ‘One day when you have kids of you’re own you’ll understand…’ and ‘ Am I talking to a brick wall?…’ and ‘ No – you can’t wear that, say that, go there,’… ‘it’s way past your bedtime ‘. My world was THE world and now I can see my daughters small world through a mothers eyes and understand the sacrifices and energy my Mum invested in me and my sisters.

    Honour is an alien concept in this competitive, self centred world where everyone is out to get what they can at any cost. Acknowledging, rewarding, and complementing others does require time and effort but it changes the atmosphere wherever we are for the better. I believe good words transform situations, and loving each other with genuine affection and taking time to honor each other changes lives. So I have a few ideas of things you could do to honour your mum, wife or grandma this coming weekend seeing as it is Mother’s day { Here’s hoping my husband is reading this } .

    A Time capsule: Create a collection of objects or memories from throughout your life. Collect in a jar or an envelope or box as a special treasury of memories who share with your mummy.

    Love notes: Find some heart post-it-notes or similar and pop on things around the house to remind her how much you appreciate her. Post one in the fridge, in your dirty laundry basket, under her pillow, on the toilet cleaner ; a mothers work takes her to the dirtiest places and yuckiest parts of the house. Show her how thankful you are for all the ‘unseen’ work she does in the day to day running of your life.

    Here are some more ideas I have collected on my Pinterest boards for your inspiration:

    balloon    heartthumbs    handheart   goody bag  

    flowers   dics    cookies    hands

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