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    Seeing some pictures this week of my niece and nephew wearing wellies and getting their chubby little fingers mucky making a mini world got me thinking. My sister also writes a blog {} and she had an inspired activity time this week where she managed to plant some herbs and they got to make a mini jungle, in her own words; a win win situation! Read it here >

    This moment of genius got me thinking and we too yesterday had an earthy half hour. We planted some flowers {my choice!} some sea thrift- a reminder of the cornish coast path, a lovely little pink alpine; Dianthus and a small cutting from one of our own minty coloured Carex grasses.  A bargain basket was picked up at the garden centre on their ‘reject’ shelf and a grow bag slashed to provide lovely, crumbly soil.

    My eldest was loving being outdoors and we had been playing out there all morning. We talked about how thankful we were for our garden and how beautiful each flower and fluttery butterfly is. I read her the creation story and how God made all the plants and flowers, birds and beasts. We then went outside to make our own mini Eden. By this point the youngest and most free spirited of our family was awake from her lunchtime nap and joined us helping to poor soil on the patio and water my feet! Once the plants were in, the finishing touch was the addition of some animals and birds. Voila!

    eden4   eden2   eden3   eden1

    At bedtime  her prayer was this…

    “Thank you Jesus for the lovely day we’ve had and the lovely things we’ve done. Thank you ‘specially for the flowers and the trees and our beautiful garden, but not the buzzy bees!  Thank you Jesus for  being my friend. Amen ”

    Wow, what a heart of worship for such a little girl x

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