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    Bubbles bursting like popping candy around my ears. A comforting snore from my eldest munchkin tucked up in bed far away in her land of dreams. Summer night playtime echoing down the street, laughter and chatter, the hum of the motorway.

    This is the soundtrack to my evening. This 30 minutes of self indulgent, bubble bath filled downtime peppered with the hubbub of activity going on outside of my tiled secret place gives time for my heart to wander.  Wander to times and places past where my heart skipped a beat. Where I felt fleeting seconds of true freedom, where I stood and chose to change my life for the better, forever. Moments like those don’t come around often. They are a like a kiss blown on the wind from far off that somehow finds you and catches you by surprise. They are food. They sustain you. They give perspective. They are reassurance from heaven that all is well with your soul. Never forget them. Treasure them close. Take a moment to visit that place again where Jesus says I make all things new. It will be the best 30 minutes of your day x

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