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    My favourite moment of today was hiding in the cupboard under the stairs with my 3 year old, a pile of stinky trainers, coats and some Angelina Ballerina Dolls.

    For 15 minutes we had a superbly inspired game involving hiding from monsters, using shoes as escape boats and snuggling under scarves. Forgotten were the dirty dishes, the fact she couldn’t have the telly on, and my now cold cup of tea! All was lost in this whirlwind of a game that ended as quickly as it began. The spontaneity was infectious and the wide grin of an invitation to ‘play with me’ was irresistible.¬† My heart feels so much for this middle girl. I too was a middle child and know the struggles of having a very capable older sibling paving the way ahead and a younger one in need of more attention and time. She has had the least time with me on her own at home and I find our similarity of character¬† mean we sometimes clash more than I would like. Hers is a heart connection I do not want to dampen so I will spend as much time under the stairs as is needed to nurture this little friend of mine and treasure her energy and beauty. She makes my heart jump and I can’t wait to ask her tomorrow to ‘play with me?’

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