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    Happy 1 month birthday to my beautiful baby boy! It has been an eventful 31 days.

    Berkley Logan Peter Rowthorn, weighing 8lbs 7oz was born on the 7th January. He is a miracle- a son we never let ourselves dream that we would have, but a son we have been praying for, for years. His first week of life gave me my first real experience of God hearing my most desperate of prayers. Four long nights I spent alone and helpless in hospital. I had not the words to pray but He heard my tears fall and answered with healing and health for my bundle of a boy.

    ” Call to me and I will answer you, and tell you great and unsearchable things.”

    I wondered when Nenna was born how I would have the capacity to love another baby, concerned that I would have to halve it between the two girls but the amazing thing about love is that you don’t have to share out what you have, you get given more- a double portion of love. So the increase continues with baby number three and I find myself overwhelmed with triple amounts of love for my children. It is astonishing that one person can have the capacity for such incredible amounts of love. They truly are each the ‘apple of my eye’ the mystery being that they are all my ‘favourite’- a mirror of our heavenly father in whose eyes we are all his favourite too. God’s love knows no depth or height or width – it is limitless. My experiences 4 weeks ago have started to show me how this can even begin to be possible. It’s simply incredible and I don’t think I have even started to grasp how ‘unsearchable’ love is. May the journey continue!

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