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    These last three weeks or so I have not been blogging. We have been busy bees: sunbathing, paddling pooling, reward board making, stomach bugging , DIY-ing and birthday partying…

    …and my lists of  ‘To Do’ jobs has grown longer and longer, but thank fully for us it is time for the much awaited trip to France to begin!

    It has been 7 months since our last little trip to Scotland yet it seems like a year. The first half of 2013 has been very busy for us all and this vacation couldn’t come soon enough! Holidays are vital for my sanity. The ability to escape reality and disappear into a foreign land of strange words and unusual food is like disappearing into a good dream for a long time! It gives space and time to regain perspective, new dreams  are born and it’s simply  a chance to have fun away from all the mundane chores of everyday.

    I always have high hopes that a holiday will give me the space to regain some spiritual perspective too. To spend some more quality time with Jesus, to maybe read my bible without being badgered and hassled to play with the car track or make dinner. I idealize about waking early, before the girls to have some quality prayer time and  have deep discussions with my husband on a warm evening sipping wine and eating cheese! Reality though is very different and despite all good intentions I struggle to take Jesus on holiday. The routine is so different to a normal day that I forget, prefer to make the most of the lie-ins, busy myself with day trips and reading novels by the pool. Not that this is bad, it just means I do not make the most of the space  a change of scenery can offer spiritually. So this is my plan, nothing too grand or ambitious just a few ideas…

    Bible time: I have downloaded a reading plan from SHE READS TRUTH onto my phone using the ‘YouVersion’ bible app. I can only read my novel each day when I have read these notes!

    Prayer time: There are a few people close to me that need to experience a real improvement in their health. Each time I go paddling in the sea ( I doubt I will go swimming!) I will pray for them. It will be a prophetic action , symbolizing the healing  pool at Bethesda ( John 5)

    Listening time: I will find 10 mins everyday to have some time to myself and simply listen to Jesus. A walk in an evening, lying on the sun lounger. There is rarely any time at home I get to simply have some space to open up my ears to hear the whispers of God so maybe I can try to find this time when I have fewer distractions around me.

    Dreaming time: I really need to to make the most of having my hubby  for 10 whole days without work distractions pulling him away. We are at our best when we can talk, and dream about our future, make plans and regain some vision for ‘us’. This is the perfect time to do this and I know Jesus is always at the center of these conversations. He loves marriage and family time and wants nothing more than for us to be close and excited about our life, be on the same page and walking towards him, together.

    Children: I have printed off a couple of reward card sheets to keep my children inspired to make good choices and to reward happy hearts:  MY ETSY SHOP

    If you are anything like me and have yet to go on holiday this summer, maybe have a think about how you can pack Jesus into your suitcase as well!

    Happy Holidays!

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