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    Why does the Giraffe have long legs?….

    On the way home from school on Friday I got accused of  ‘forgetting’. My sharp little nearly-5-year-old remembers everything and notices when I don’t!  My crime had been to not put a special note in her lunch box that day, and my heart sank when she told me I had ‘forgotted’ her special message.

    In this first half term at big school lunchtimes have proved a little tricky. They have been the biggest challenge for my girl to overcome but 7 weeks in we seem to have turned a corner. To help encourage her we found, by pure chance, a secret pouch in her lunch box. It’s just the right size for a folded post it note! In this pouch we have hidden letters for her to find and read at lunch time to help keep her focused and cheer her up. Sometimes a joke to make her laugh or something to remind her of the special activities we are going to do after school. She has been finding them and they spur her on to eat up her lunch and crack on with the remaining hours of the school day. Some little love notes, letting her know we are always with her, behind her and before her.

    I think in doing this we are demonstrating a very heavenly activity. Our heavenly Dad is always there for us, going before us, leaving behind a trail of ‘special notes’ for us to find on our journey. These may be in the form of people placed along the way to encourage and support us, situations to empower us or moments that inspire us to carry on. My hope is that our actions echoing His will help her see Him in her day to day life too. In return she has responded by leaving little scraps of folded paper around the house with notes of love for us. Tottering off down the garden to visit daddy in his office with a mini envelope in hand delivering her latest scrawl of love. It is worship of the most precious kind, an honouring of each other, a respect between us both and an understanding that Jesus loves it most when we simply love each other.

    …because it has stinky feet!



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