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    I love gardening- my girls are also starting to see the benefits of this pastime. So far this summer they have seen seeds grow, sunflowers burst open, blossom turn to apples and tasted some strawberry delights. It’s has been quite a vegetable patch success story this year with crops of strawberries, potatoes and tomatoes all winning the battle against the heat and rain.

    Our most tasty crop has probably been the broad beans. Now with broad beans there is a lot of plant for not very much bean so quantity is key here. My two had great fun shelling and peeling these emerald gems. Simple activities such as this are the perfect opportunity to try and inspire some creative worship in us all. While shelling the beans I asked the girls to keep their ears open for any whispers they may hear from Jesus while we were working. I suggested they could ask Him if there was anything he wanted to share with them while they were busy splitting the pods. After a while my eldest declared she had a fourer ( technical term for a pod with 4 beans!) Most only had three so a fourer was worth celebrating. She then said that there was a mummy one, daddy one, and two baby ones; ” a bit like our family… maybe the pod Mummy, is like Jesus looking after us and keeping us safe while we grow up “

    bens2     beans

    How profound. Her heart in that moment echoed that of Jesus and her hands, ears and eyes were let in on a very special heavenly secret. We then spent the next 20 minutes working away ooing and arring over the contents revealed in the green little sleeping bag pods. My mind wandered far away and a train of thought led me to a place of new understanding and revelation about how much Jesus has been looking out for us, keeping us safe as a family, protecting us, providing for us and nurturing us. I was reminded of specific conversations and steps of faith we had taken and generosity we had received.  My hands felt the smooth fluffy down on the inside of the shell. I could smell the strong, fresh green aroma of the beans, my senses were stimulated. My 4 year olds comment had caused a rise of faith in me and when clearing up all the mess I felt a renewed sense of  ‘me -in-Jesus’ .

    Next time you do something, anything, especially things that get your senses alert -hands moving,making and creating *- open your ears to Jesus and let your mind wander further into Him.

    * washing up, clearing away toys, cooking dinner, sweeping the patio, mowing the grass, trimming the hedge, sewing in school name labels, stuffing envelopes…

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