So every Friday I am going to give you a 5 minute worship idea to do as part of your quiet time, family worship or at some point during your day. Maybe take 5 while eating your lunch in the car, or while the baby has a nap. Wherever, whenever if we put time aside Jesus joins us! This one is inspired by our worship being like ‘sweet smelling incense’…

    what is your fragrance…

    If you had walked past Baraka (a local coffee house) a few nights ago you would have seen the lights low and 5 friends and gathered around a coffee table  after hours ( a benefit of knowing the owners). Laid before us were an odd selection of things including small green leaves and fire lighters. You could have mistaken us for doing something rather odd…

    In an attempt to broaden our approach to worship and in the spirit of Flotsam & Jetsam we had different found items with different extreme smells; coffee, herbs, spices, detergent, firelighters. We were considering what our overall scent of our life would be.

    For individuals: If possible find a few smelly things around the house to get your senses alive! Take 5 to meditate on this bible passage and consider the following questions:

    2 Corinthians 2:15 (the message)

    ” Because of Christ, we give off a sweet scent rising to God, which is recognized by those on the way of salvation – an aroma oozing with life. “

    1. What is the overall scent of your life at the moment? Give it a name as if it could be bottled as perfume?

    2. Would people choose to ‘clothe’ themselves with your smell?

    3. Do you think Jesus would be pleased with your offerings of worship this week?

    For children: Have fun with this one. Choose some really stinky and really beautiful smells to make the children giggle! Get them to thank Jesus for their noses! Maybe you could make some clown noses out of ping pong balls or pom poms. Ask them what smells they think Jesus would like and if smells looked like actions what would they be.

    For small groups: When we go places what aroma do we take with us? Is it pleasing to God? When we did this as group it really opened our eyes to how different we are as individuals and how God uses this uniqueness. Some smells combined were heavenly, others revolting. We discussed how God sometimes puts us in a team or with others to help bring out the best in us and reach our potential and also have a greater affect in our areas of ministry. It also made us aware of relationships that maybe don’t bring out the best in us and actually need the balance adjusting. All in all it started out as a bit of fun, hopeful we would get something deeper out of it but in fact we all met with Jesus and left feeling like we had a better understanding of who we are in Him. We found inspiration and revelation in seemingly everyday objects and left inspired.


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