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    So every Friday I am going to give you a 5 minute worship idea to do as part of your quiet time, family worship or at some point during your day. Maybe take 5 while eating your lunch in the car, or while the baby has a nap. Wherever, whenever if we put time aside Jesus joins us! This one is inspired by our worship evening ‘The Potters House’…

    The motion of squishing and squashing play dough is therapeutic in itself. The soft squidgy mess oozing between your fingers makes  your sense of touch come alive. When God describes himself as a potter he refers to him moulding and shaping us in a similar fashion; working out the lumps and bumps, making us smooth and then crafting a work of art. But also maybe destroying that which is not good and squashing a form to redeem and create something new from it.

    Find or make some play dough:

    2 cups plain flour

    2 cups water ( with food colouring)

    1 cup salt

    1tbsp oil

    1tbsp cream of tartar

    cook in microwave stirring every 2 minutes until it form a non-sticky dough.

    For individuals:

    Read Jeremiah 18

    As you read the scripture play with the dough in your hands and allow your sense of touch to come alive.

    You may want to make something that represents a burden or problem and then squash it!

    You could just start making something asking God to guide your movements and then use it to inspire prayer.

    Don’t worry- You won’t probably won’t create a masterpiece and it doesn’t matter!

    For Children:

    Have a fun time with your children.Encourage them to say thank you to God for their hands. Encourage them to make things that represent them, or an aspect of their life. Get them to make something as a group and then ask them what it looks like and what it makes them feel like and what it may say about Jesus. Get them to make a model of  how they see their friend or something that represents their friend to give to them as a gift of encouragement.

    For Groups:

    Have fun with this activation and allow a child like joy to take hold- after all the door to the kingdom is  unlocked when we come to Jesus as though we were little children! Go around in a circle each adding a new element of dough to the joint sculpture. This sculpture will represent you as a group and unite you. Use it as a launch pad for some prophetic prayer over your group and see if God is speaking through this sculpture ( however rudimentary!) to you as a group.  Make  something for someone else in the group that highlights something positive about their character that will encourage them. If nothing else you will have fun!

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