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    So every Friday I am going to give you a 5 minute worship idea to do as part of your quiet time, family worship or at some point during your day. Maybe take 5 while eating your lunch in the car, or while the baby has a nap. Wherever, whenever if we put time aside Jesus joins us!  This one gets you weaving and plaiting…

    You will need 3 things that are long and that you can plait…


    For individuals:

    cord 2Take your three strands and tie them together at the top with a simple knot. They represent:

    1 = you,

    2 = the Holy Spirit,

    3 = could be a fruit of the holy spirit you desire to receive more of from God, or a friend who you know would love to become a friend of Jesus,or a problem that you need the Holy Spirit to help you resolve.

    Start plaiting to create a braid. As you interlace each length be mindful of what they represent, and pray that the Holy spirit will weave his truth and love into the person, place or situation, and use you to bring about this change and resolution.

    You can then pin this plait somewhere to remind you of His presence in and with you.

    For Children:

    Plaiting can be tricky for really little ones so you may simply want to do some simple twisting with three strands of wool or embroidery thread. I loved making friendship bands as a child. Why not get out loads of rainbow coloured threads and make some bracelets with your children or at kids church. While they choose the colours get them to choose a friend to make a band for and then talk to them about how Jesus can help them be a good friend to this person. Get them to ask Jesus to help them be caring and kind towards this person, to think of them first and show them who Jesus is. They can then give the bracelet as a gift. Get creative by threading beads and sequins on the bracelets too!



    pinterestFor friendship bracelet ideas and instructions look at my pinterest boards for Little Ones .


    For Groups:

    This activity is great if you do a ‘witness’ or ‘mission’ section to your evenings.  There are two ways this could be done with one of the strands representing themselves, the second Jesus and then the third can be a friend.

    1 We all have people in our lives who we would love to come to know Jesus. Maybe use this plaiting activity to help your group focus on one such person and use the strands to represent themselves, Jesus and their friend. As they plait the cord pray that Jesus would take centre place in their friendship and through them their friend may come to know Jesus.We are called tobe fishermen and women!You could go crazy and make some sort of net or mesh with all your individual plaits and then offer it all up to God as a group. Or swap plaits with someone else in the group so you can pray for each other during the week.

    2 Alternatively the third strand could represent a person who is currently not a friend. Someone with which peace needs to be made and forgiveness given and received. In this case the weaver can pray that Jesus can move into the centre of this conflict and resolve and bring healing to the situation and friendship. We are called to be peacemakers. This would work well as part of communion and again, plaits could be swapped to encourage follow on prayer during the coming week.


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