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    Gardens this morning seem to have acquired a new statue. A band of silent friends built in the snow madness of yesterday. Patiently waiting standing guard over their frozen domain. Reflecting their creators style and home, wearing their hats and scarves,  all unique never been seen before. I do love a good snow man- winter isn’t the same without one. Snow men bring out the child in all of us as it was, of course, Daddy yesterday who was the real engineer behind our daughters new friend. There is nothing more a daddy likes doing than creating something with his children, whether it’s a lego city , a snowman, a camp in the garden, helping fix the bathroom leak, or fit their first kitchen. Dads simply love spending time with their children- imparting their knowledge and skills. I loved watching my family yesterday- a real reflection of heaven.

    Embrace the cold today- especially if you have had some more snow overnight. Give in to that inner child- let go- even if you don’t have small children- build yourself a unique character to stand guard over your home until the sun comes out. It’s Sunday and back to work tomorrow, so why not free your spirit for an hour or so before the daily grind returns. Trust me you will feel better for it.snowman



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