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    Lent has arrived. What are you going to deny yourself this desert season? After the pancake gluttony of last night  we all abstain from chocolate, alcohol, telly…our vices are many but our children do not have quite the same worldly influences over their lives. Instead I plan to focus on the spirit of Easter itself and defy the tradition of denial and instead encourage them to do acts of kindness- encourage a warm fuzzy love in my littles

    There is no greater love than he who lays down his life for his friends.

    This is the ultimate description of Easter, in the words of the main Man himself. Loving others is up there with loving God, (again His words as well) . Getting my, sometimes, self centred daughter to think of others requires some effort so I have a jar (yes we should take out shares in Kilner Jars) in which she can collect ‘ warm fuzzies‘ {1} when she shows, love, selflessness, care and kindness to others. I’m hoping she will encourage me and Daddy to do the same and reward us with fuzzies when she sees us be loving and kind to others too. The aim being to fill up the jar in time for Good Friday.

    fuzzies1       fuzzies2

    However not wanting to leave it there I have a sneaky mummy trick up my sleeve. The jar is very BIG, and the fuzzies very small. I am hoping it is going to be impossible for her to fill up the jar to the line marked. Even 2 fuzzies a day only comes half way so I shouldn’t be caught out on this one! Her disappointment for not filling the jar will be erased when she finds on Easter Sunday the jar full and overflowing with warm fuzzies. How better to explain the grace and love of Jesus at the heart of the celebrations. All her acts of kindness to others he has accepted as worship to him (Matt 25 v.45). Out of his unconditional love for her and the delight in her love for him he has graciously given her over and above what she needs and desires. The grace of the cross means we no longer need to earn His love, it is there waiting for us on Easter Sunday. He wants to spoil us and fill our jars (hearts) to overflowing with warm fuzziness.

    {1 – Warm fuzzies could be : craft pom poms, mini cotton wool balls or mini marshmallows}


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