Christmas is so exciting because the build up lasts for weeks. Easter always creeps up on me and before I know it I am scurrying around trying to do some festive things to celebrate this amazing holiday with only days to go. This unseasonal snow has thrown us all of course and Spring still seems a long way off but I am determined this year to make this week more significant for me and not just about chocolate! We have been trying to do two things in our house to prepare us for Easter; warm fuzzies and sweet smells!! They have been a constant reminder in our house about the spirit behind the Easter Season- loving others, and loving Jesus! …and there is still time for you to do them in your household as we enter Holy Week. {Click on the links to find out more.}

    Last night we had a lovely evening celebration banquet at our church. A table laid out with loads of yummy things, reminding us about the goodness that Jesus brings to our lives, and the abundant grace he bestows on us. Palm Sunday; a time to welcome Jesus as King of our hearts knowing, like he must have done, the events and sacrifice that lay before him. As the week lies before me I want to continue welcoming Jesus into my home and journey the story of his sacrifice with him and for the first time share a little of it with my girls. I love advent calendars at Chirstmas, they prepare our hearts, build the anticipation and excitement and mirror the waiting and journey that Mary and Joseph went through. Resurrection eggs are a similar idea that daily reveal a little more of the Passion narrative. I have adapted this idea to make it more appropriate to my 4 and {nearly} 2 year old. I have not so much focused on the biblical story but the result of Jesus’ actions; how He is alive and wanting to be their friend.

    Everyday we will open the eggs at breakfast as part of our family worship. In each is a little badge, a section of the Easter story and an activity to do together. The 6th egg will be included in our Easter Sunday egg hunt!  Every evening this week I will do a short post to show you how we have been getting on and what is hidden in each egg and what we have done to worship Jesus that day!




    Every evening I will let you know what was in that days egg . Click here to discover more …

    Egg: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //

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