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    So I have had a few days off  blogging to tackle my long list of ‘house jobs’ however I have failed at getting much done and would rather be making instead. I realised that I spend lots of my time making things for my girls but not often anything for me. I have an unbelievable amount of half started projects dotted around the house, but wanted to have a quick go at making these anyway… Here is an idea to brighten up your home or your desk.

    Luke includes a story in his passion narrative of when Mary anointed Jesus with expensive perfume. This encounter leading up to Jesus’s death demonstrates complete, unashamed adoration. Imagine what the smell must have been like. It must have filled the room, even the whole house, with a heavy sweet aroma. Our worship is described as sweet smelling fragrance to God and this story gives a really clear picture of what that should look like; extravagant, rich and dramatic.  So to help remind me to worship in this way I have a crafty make up my sleeve, something pretty for the home. Yes, you could just go heavy with the air freshener but it doesn’t have quite the same feeling as a homemade, heart-made object. Leading up to Easter why not make one of these, not only to make your home smell sweet but your worship too!


    You will need:

    – small narrow neck jars. Baby food jars, old perfume bottles or a milk bottle or glass cola bottle.

    – bamboo skewers cut in half

    – essential oils or pot pouri oil

    Simply wash and decorate your jar or bottle and pour in some of the oil. Dip in the bamboo sticks and as they absorb the oil they diffuse it into the air. Smelling sweet! We have put one on our landing and the other at my husband desk in his studio down the garden.

    As I made these with my littles after school yesterday we talked trough the story and how as we smell the fragrance in each room our hearts are prepared for King Jesus on Easter Sunday. As I walked up the stairs to bed, in the dark I caught a whiff of scent on the air, thankful for the promise of His presence as I kissed my girls goodnight and snuggled into bed.

    oil      oil3

    Luke 7 : 36-50

    One of the Pharisees asked Jesus over for a meal. He went to the Pharisee’s house and sat down at the dinner table. Just then a woman of the village, the town harlot, having learned that Jesus was a guest in the home of the Pharisee, came with a bottle of very expensive perfume and stood at his feet, weeping, raining tears on his feet. Letting down her hair, she dried his feet, kissed them, and anointed them with the perfume. When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man was the prophet I thought he was, he would have known what kind of woman this is who is falling all over him.”
    Jesus said to him, “Simon, I have something to tell you.”
    “Oh? Tell me.”
    Two men were in debt to a banker. One owed five hundred silver pieces, the other fifty. Neither of them could pay up, and so the banker canceled both debts. Which of the two would be more grateful?”
    Simon answered, “I suppose the one who was forgiven the most.”
    “That’s right,” said Jesus. Then turning to the woman, but speaking to Simon, he said, “Do you see this woman? I came to your home; you provided no water for my feet, but she rained tears on my feet and dried them with her hair. You gave me no greeting, but from the time I arrived she hasn’t quit kissing my feet. You provided nothing for freshening up, but she has soothed my feet with perfume. Impressive, isn’t it? She was forgiven many, many sins, and so she is very, very grateful. If the forgiveness is minimal, the gratitude is minimal.”
    Then he spoke to her: “I forgive your sins.”
    That set the dinner guests talking behind his back: “Who does he think he is, forgiving sins!”
    He ignored them and said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”

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