Well some spare time on Sunday gave us the opportunity to get on down to Wetherby Racecourse car boot. A staple activity of summer (?) weekends. Rummaging through all the tat a few treasures were spotted and we returned home £6 poorer but with 2 new board games, a sneaky birthday present for my youngest and a nice plate for me!

    There were lots of kids stalls, full of worn toys and odd clothes but one person was selling a vast array of dolls. My littlest girl is dolly mad and will challenge any child at her toddler group who attempts to part her from the 2 prams and 3 dolls she is clinging on to. When my 4 year old spotted this table of dreams she ran to her sister and got her over in the pushchair. Her response was priceless and made the seller laugh. The table got no less than a wide eyed ‘Wow’. She simply could not contain her  delight. She saw before her a table laid out with beautiful things that she wanted to play with, look after, dress up, enjoy and create memories with. She was desperate to escape the confines of her pushchair and grab them all and take them home. She was ready there and then to adopt them all.

    I know someone who sees us in exactly the same way. In reality this table was full of chewed feet, tatty clothing, grubby hands and faces and broken boxes but she didn’t see any of these facts, and these things wouldn’t bother Him either. Her reaction to these dolls was the perfect mirror of how He responds when he sees us. Our ‘life stall’ may not look pretty or be full of perfect attitudes, we certainly are not the perfect product and come a bit damaged but he thinks we are amazing and full of potential – we are the ‘apple of his eye’. We are adopted as His children and we are even His ‘heirs’. The mystery of heaven is that we are ALL His favourite.

    I couldn’t help but sneak back to the stall and purchase an Everything Rosie doll as a little extra birthday treat in a few weeks, broken box ‘n all!


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