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    This weekend we went to visit family but before we could even pack up the car , the car needed emptying first, a job which my ever patient husband did. Somehow our boot becomes the home of many different kinds of collections. It is a traveling museum telling the story of our out and about antics.



    We recovered:

    4 of the girls drinking cups

    2 blankets

    3 socks

    5 books

    1 big bag of seaside shells from a trip to the beach.

    4 leaflets from recently visited places of interest

    A lot of used tissues

    far too many squashed raisins

    16 pence in brown money

    7 colouring pencils

    2 wellies ( not matching)

    The car represents my families collective story. It is the vehicle which takes us out and about, it is our traveling home on our many trips down the M1, the place where we feel safe to argue, sleep, dream,adventure, tell stories,cry and eat. It is us together, out there doing our thing in the big wide world. It is like our tortoise home on our backs, a little piece of us. It sees us through adventures, long nights, holidays to foreign places and panicky trips to the hospital. The boot  plays a crucial part in our family worship. It carries our stuff. It is where we stash our belongings but also where, overtime, those things which we pick up along the way get stowed. We love collecting leaflets when we go places, we love collecting shells on the beach, we love finding stones, twigs, maps. It also makes me realise how much stuff we carry around unnecessarily and how things collect over time. Even things like the wellies, or drinking cups which I had assumed had been lost in action.  In fact I had only just gone out and brought some new drinking bottles that day, rendering the newly discovered old ones a bit redundant. All these things floating about make it harder to reach the spare wheel stored under the boot carpet and the first aid kit kept in a side cupboard.

    I’m not sure where I’m going with this train of thought other than I think I need to do a bit of a boot clear out of my own before I embark upon the next leg of my own personal journey with Jesus. No doubt I have a lot of unnecessary Flotsam and Jetsam clattering around, some lost items that could do with being found again and some collections that need to go on display and some rubbish that needs to go in the bin. Maybe it is why washing the car, hoovering it out and cleaning it can be quite a cathartic experience, giving us a huge sense of achievement when we can finally cross it off our to do lists. It is like doing a bit of a mental and spiritual clean out too.

    Maybe next time you do this boring job try and use the task as a moment to do a bit of a spiritual clean out too. Prophetic actions don’t have to be fancy, we can surely incorporate them into the normal everyday things we do. Making our lives symbolic of the greater story we are outworking. God can speak to us through anything, maybe you might just find something you thought you had lost, discover some rubbish you need to throw away or remove the obstructions in the way of the spare wheel and first aid kit. It’s jut a thought!

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