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    Life has been incredibly busy of late. Sleep has been hard to come by and as for time, well, there isn’t any going spare that’s for sure! But I’m loving it.

    We have been celebrating the years 33, 3 and 20 weeks. We’ve had cowgirl parties, house viewings and church vision meetings. The pace has picked up, a season of acceleration and action. I have been packing, unpacking and repacking again as we sell our house for the second and hopefully last time. My ‘spare’ minutes are spent sterilising bottles, pureeing pears and sorting the never ending washing pile! Life in our house has never been busier and I have been trying to find ‘free time’ in which to type on here to chart our everchanging logbook. But maybe in this season such a glorious thing doesn’t exist . Sometimes we have periods where everything is about going slow and resting. But this is not now, now is the time to start seeing the fruit of evenings spent dreaming and praying, time to start finally stepping into the dreams. However I must be careful not to lose sight of Him who inspires all this energy and activity. As we enter the second half of the year I am determined to be more mindful of Jesus and maybe in all this activity I can demonstrate some of the fruits of the spirit to my children. For me the discipline of writing this blog must move from the ‘Things I Want To Do’ list and be added to the ‘To Do List’. I find it is so key to processing my world, and giving a fresh, Jesus filled perspective to my everyday. In a busy life a journal can be the key to unlock the meaning and purpose behind it all. Maybe give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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