Well, I am starting to feel well and truly pregnant! Yes, for those who have not heard we are expecting baby No. 3 and I am 16 weeks gone already. With looking after the other two I often forget but with a rapidly expanding waistline and the need to dig out maternity trousers from the loft I am starting to notice the change. A hair band will no longer do to connect my button and zipper on my jeans!

    Despite this being my 3rd pregnancy experience I am still overhwelmed by the scan picture. It puts life into perpective. My 12 week baby was photographed at only the size of a lemon but had arms, legs, fingers, ears and eyes. Their heart was beating,  arms were moving and little legs kicking away. In just four weeks It has reached the size of an avacado. It has toenails and the tiny heart is pumping blood around it’s body and it can squint, grimace and wee!

    Baby#3 001

    I read, most amazingly of all the patterning of the hairs on it’s scalp are starting to form, and although no hair is growing yet each folicle is being created. Whether it will inherit my double crown or their fathers cow-lick quiff is being decided as I write. This fact puts a whole new slant on Jesus saying how all the hairs on our head are numbered. It is this kind of detail to life, life at it’s most fragile, that makes me wonder at the skill of God. I find it so hard to just put this kind of masterpiece down to some chance or other. Design- we have to have been designed and handmade, ‘knitted’ together in the womb. I am not a chance product of natural processes. No chance!

    We have told our other two of the impending arrival and my eldest has the best explanation of reproduction I have heard in a long time! She very sincerley explained to us that her and her sister have already met the new baby. “Afterall, we were all in there together having a party, Mummy.” The story goes that when we decided we wanted to start a family we prayed to Jesus and asked him to choose us a baby – He gave us her. After a while we wanted her to have a sister so we prayed again and Jesus chose and grew Morwenna in my ‘tummy’ and she was consquently born.  We asked again and Jesus is now growing this new baby inside me so it can come out and play with them. She likes to think she has always been with us, all three of our children have been infact- and in some kind of way  they always been in me. I love her excitment at knowing that she was picked before she was born, she is wanted, needed and loved and that her destiny has always been to be part of this family. She is empowered by the knowledge she is chosen. We will add more biological details of reproduction at a later stage- for now I am perfectly happy with her logic- for in fact that is exactly what has happened- we asked and we have recieved the three most precious bundles of joy ever!

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