I have very fond memories of making dens, camps, houses and cars out of plastic sheeting and pegs. Our garden was a hive of activity in the summer months and my sisters and I would build amazing feats of engineering with the most simplest of items my Dad would conjure up from his shed of tricks. My girls love doing the same and we spent an afternoon last week building a boat from the garden chairs, an old pallet and an inspired addition by my 4 year old- a garden slide crows nest! We even suspended poor Angelina Ballerina from it’s dizzy height to keep look out! They sat and drank pink milk while the blue blanket waves crashed against the bows. Feeling inspired by our sea adventures I grabbed the kids bibles and read stories all about boats and the sea.

    We were accompanied on our boat by a neighbours cat and many imaginary animals.

    We pretended we were in a storm and a giant whale appeared in the deep below us.

    We shouted to the wind to stop and the sea to be calm.

    We pretended to catch fish, hauling our nets in and cooking our ‘flishes‘ on the beach.

    For an hour or so Jesus and his world came to life in my girls’ world too. These stories I read so often regained a new vibrant meaning. They became alive again. Colour, actions, sounds, and emotions were restored to the black and white letters.

    HEBREWS 4 : 12  “For the word of God is alive and active…”

    boat1  DSC_8244

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