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    Take some time this weekend to consider this meditation. This season is all about waiting,being hopeful and expectant for the birth of Jesus. Maybe focus your mind listen to the track below and read these words to go deeper into God. Sometimes the Christmas run up is such a whirlwind of planning and preparation we fail to prepare our hearts for the One who it’s all about!

    Play this and listen to the invitation to go on a journey and read the words below…


    As Sarah waited…Ninety years for a son to fulfil God’s promise.
    We wait in hope for what we thought had been spoken to us.

    As Moses waited…40 years in the desert, being prepared by God to lead his people.
    We wait for emptiness and humility; for bravado to wither.

    As Israel waited…40 years of wandering, hungry, depressed, thirsting, unsure.
    We wait for the right time to act

    As the Prophets waited…1000 years of promises that God would raise up a Saviour.
    We wait for the signs that God has not forgotten.

    As Mary waited…9 months of her 14 years for the child of God.
    We feel the birth-pains, yet fear for the child.

    As John the Baptist waited…Scanning the crowds for the one whose sandals he would not be worthy to untie.
    We long for an experience of the Divine

    As Jesus waited… 30 years of creeping time.
    40 days in the desert of temptation.
    3 years of misunderstanding.
    3 days in the depths of hell.

    So we wait for God’s time. Preparing the way. Our turn to toil on levelling mountains and straightening paths. Our turn to watch the horizon. Our turn to pass on the hope that He who promised is faithful and will come back

    It is taken from a book called Alternative Worship by Jonny Baker.

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