Sitting on the bottom step of the stairs my defiant 4 year old waits, arms folded. My 18month old continues to bumble about completely unaware of the battle of wills playing out. ‘Time Out’ the two most dreaded words a pre-schooler can hear. Banished to the cold hallway with only stair fluff and trainers for company.

    I can’t remember the exact incident which resulted in such punishment but she sits with furrowed determination across her face until she says sorry. My ever effervescent Bam Bam of a toddler comes cruising up and pokes her head around the bannister with a toothy grin and a cheeky “Peepo”. Out of the corner of my eye, trying not to lose focus and laugh I see my eldest and gentlest trying to hold in a smile.

    A generous helping of stubbornness from both sides of the family is still her dominant emotion. I shoo my baby away only for her to repeat her mini comedy sketch; bobbing up again declaring  “Hey-yo” with a gappy smile and happy eyes. The combination of both the tension and the comedy see smiles and giggles break out from all 3 of us. I ask if she is ready to get down and if she has something she would like to say to me…

    So much of how we work as a family is rooted in the proverb:

    A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful face brings peace

    One leads to the other and in turn bring out happy hearts and faces in others. A simple concept understood by even the smallest, and that when one or both is missing then their behaviour and attitude must be adjusted accordingly. Loving each other is at the heart of worship.

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