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    Today my husband has given me a ‘day off’. Well a day without some of my normal chores anyway and very nice it is too! Instead of the school run this morning I got to get dressed and have breakfast. Instead of the Monday supermarket sweep I got to tile the new shower! Instead of settling the fussy baby I got to have a midday bath and wash my hair. And as the rain continues to lash down I don’t have to leave the warmth of the house to pick up the girls but instead get comfy with a cuppa and the laptop!

    Life has been a bit overwhelming lately. I find my capacity to squeeze as much into the day as I used to is waning and my head less able to cope with the multiple conversations and ideas coming at me. Demands on my energy, sleep, fun levels, patience are at an all time high and my chances for refueling pretty non existent.Life is hectic and a constant barrage of decisions. I needed a change today and fortunately my man stepped in to be me for a day.

    I cannot be indulgent any more. The feelings of guilt are too strong to do purely my own thing nowadays.  Not to say I am a slave to selflessness but I could not live in the tension of being a mummy and also trying to do my own thing on a daily basis- I wouldn’t do either very well.

    Today tiling ( which is what He would have done) meant I was doing something useful but had the peace and quiet of the house. The luxury of 3 whole hours to think my own thoughts and have no one make any demands on me. To finish a job in one go felt  so good. To drink a cup of tea without it needing reheating in the microwave tasted like actual tea. To have a bath and wash my hair feels refreshing. It is an added bonus no one burst in on me desperate for the potty!

    In the space today I have thanked Jesus for my family and my home. The thing is the reheated cups of tea and the interrupted baths make my life very special. They mean I have more going on that just ‘me’. I know I will look back and miss these days but at least I will have had them in all their sticky fullness.  Days ‘off’ like today give perspective and fuel for the rest of the week. I needed a break today, to break the cycle of monotony which clouds me from seeing the treasure that is hidden within the daily grind. It means I can attack tomorrow renewed and inspired.  Though I hope Ash is aware I may need another one of these  days ‘off’ next week  after the mad week that still lies before me.



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