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    The last 8 years have seen…

    …2 beautiful girls join our little family. Fun loving and bright eyed they have shown us the best bits of life.

    …2 average houses become our first 2 beautiful homes.

    …me through my twenties from 21 to 30 (well in 2 weeks time!)

    …the birth of 10 nephews and nieces.

    …There have been New Year holidays to Scotland, Easter Holidays to Cornwall and Summer Holidays to France.

    …We have seen the sights of Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto and New York and more.

    …Had near death experiences in Queens,NY and on the ski slopes of Avoriaz.

    …We’ve had answers to prayer, miraculous provision, we’ve cried and we’ve laughed.

    …We’ve witnessed amazing friends getting married, starting families and stepping out into their dreams.

    …We have know adventure and unexpected surprises.

    Most of all we have stuck together and things only just seem to be beginning. There is so much more to our story yet to unravel. I love being  Mrs Rowthorn and can’t wait for the next 8 years and beyond. God is Good.

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